Published: 26th August 2009
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Weight & fat Loss isn't a horse race and has nothing to do with Formula 1 either. However a new and promising supplement for fat loss easily can turn out as the formula #1 of high-speed fat loss. First results come within weeks (please don't misunderstand high-speed fat loss as losing 5lbs per day. We want to stay on the safe side).

By the end of June world famous physician Al Sears MD from California released his newest natural formula called Primal Lean.

First experiences show Primal Lean makes fat disappear while it stops hunger and cravings. Additional health benefits are a significant impact on blood sugar level and optimal stool consistency.

What is the idea behind this success?

The secret behind Primal Leans' power is the synergy of the 4 key nutrients, the top compounds of the formula:

• Irvingia gabonensis (known also as wild mango) from Africa,

• Garcinia cambogia, a pumpkin-shaped fruit from Asia,

• chromium, the well-known weight loss miracle and

• fucoxanthin, found in brown algae.

The key nutrients represent seemingly a wonderful working alliance.

Irvingia has a normalizing effect on body' fat signals, the commands that regulate the size and number of our fat cells. Irvingia improves also several biomarkers of health, including

• better total cholesterol,

• lower C-reactive protein and

• lower blood sugar.

Garcinia's rind contains hydroxicitric acid, a natural appetite-suppressing compound. In addition it blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase which turns excess fat into fat. As a result our body ends up using carbs more efficiently.

It is common sense that chromium is vital in helping to maintain blood sugar levels that are within the normal range. Primal Lean contains it as chromium polynicotinate which is safe and effective as a dietary supplement.

Key nutrient #4 is fucoxanthin found in brown algae. Some metabolic studies indicate that it promotes fat burning.

People like you and me love miracle pills. We all dream of losing weight without any effort by taking one or two capsules a day and maintain our unhealthy life style. We all are waiting for a supplement that makes exercise and diets unnecessary. We all need to wake up. There is no such as push button fat loss solution. Primal Lean is really miraculous in reducing our appetite and cravings but it requires still our personal commitment to a new, healthy lifestyle. The best proven companion is a new and revolutionary exercise program called PACE. Its newest version is on the way.

For more information about both please visit www.staywellbiz.com

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